Ice cream manufacturer in Buckinghamshire

The Story of Marriett’s

Pure country air, Buckinghamshire views and rich creamy organic milk; these are the basic ingredients of our ice cream passion. It’s this passion that lead us to produce some of the richest tasting ice cream flavours available anywhere. Wholesome dairy goodness in a pot.

Buckinghamshire countryside

We are tenant farmers on the Swanbourne estate in Buckinghamshire and our family has been farming this 100 acre smallholding for three generations. We have been farming organically since the 1990’s and are fully approved and certified by the Soil Association.

Central to our farming philosophy is a passion for animal welfare, looking after nature and keeping things simple and natural. Our cows grace the lush organic fields most of the year as the nature intended and once the weather becomes cold and wet, they enjoy the comfort of the barns and nutritious diet of organic hay, silage and cow cake.

churning ice cream

At Swanbourne Dairy, in our little creamery, we lovingly churn small batches of ice cream using fresh milk from our own organic cows and double cream. We add only the finest ingredients in accordance with our bespoke recipes, to create a selection of luxurious real dairy ice creams. We aim to bring you gorgeous flavours and indulgent experiences whether you are enjoying our dairy ice cream, refreshing sorbets or celebratory ice cream cakes!

You can now also enjoy the fresh taste sensation of wholesome unpasteurised and unhomogenised organic raw milk. We sell our organic raw milk direct from the farm, website and on farmer’s markets. By liking our Facebook page, you will receive the latest news and our whereabouts!

ice cream

Our Ice Cream is dedicated to, and named after Marriett, the 20-year-old matriarch cow of the herd. She now enjoys her retirement on grass in the fields and in winter months in the warmth of the barns. Long may she continue!

Funny thing about Marriett is her love for autumn, she relishes in opportunity to eat hand fed crab apples much to the delight of our fourth generation!

Meet the Team

We are a husband and wife team, Tom and Heini, with an extra sprinkling of hard work, knowledge and child care provided by grandparent Stephen.

Tom Alderman


The Willing Taster

Meet Tom, the hard worker and willing taster!

Despite being an engineer, Tom was feeling the pull to the farm, hoping to be able to carry on his father’s and grandfather’s work. He has a wealth of experience in farming, having helped on the farm all his life.

Tom is doing most of the hard work on the farm such as milking, and, time permitting, he cherishes the opportunity to churn some ice cream.

Funnily enough, he is always a very willing taster and quality controller!

Heini Alderman


The Ice Cream Lover

Meet Heini, the ice cream lover!

Ice cream is by far her favourite dessert. Heini grew up on an arable farm in Finland and travels took her to the UK. Eventually, she met Tom, whom she married and they moved to the farm that Tom’s dad was farming. This provided a great opportunity to combine the love of farm life and ice cream.

The rest as they say is history; Swanbourne Dairy was born. Heini’s ice cream recipes have been tested, improved and perfected over a long and extensive development period so that you can reap the benefit of all her hard work and dedication.

Once you’ve tasted Marriett’s Ice Cream, you’ll be hooked forever.


Head of Dairy Production

This is Marriett, The head of our milk production.

Swanbourne Dairy would be lost without our resident superstar and beloved mascot, Marriett the Organic Cow.

As matriarch of the herd, she used to work hard but now enjoys her retirement amid the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside. Members of Marriett’s herd continue her work, eating just the right diet of lush organic pasture to ensure that her organic milk is the perfect base for Marriett’s brand ice cream.



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