ice cream art

We understand the wholesale market.

Marriett’s is a range of superior quality dairy ice creams, seasonal sorbet desserts and ice cream cakes which are handmade in small batches by Swanbourne Dairy at our village location in North Buckinghamshire.

Although soon also available in smaller quantities, our product range is primarily aimed at the larger, wholesale market. Independent retailers and restaurants make up the bulk of our customer base and as such you are the life blood of Swanbourne Dairy.

So we aim to provide you the highest quality ice creams and desserts, at fair prices. Marriett’s is adored by ice cream lovers and so affords our valued resellers, an opportunity to develop a loyal and returning customer base.

We’re building our brand to drive up your sales

The Marriett’s brand name is gaining a growing following from ice cream lovers of all ages and demographics groups. We think this is due in part to our lively product positioning and distinctive branding which is backed up by a strong presence on social media and a number of other digital platforms.

Strong brand recognition leads to customer confidence and increased sales and we are determined to continue our efforts to support our retailers and hep them achieve growth in sales and customer satisfaction.

Interested in stocking Marriett’s Ice Cream?

Just get in touch by using our “Contact Us” page or links and we can discuss more about our products and the benefits to your establishment.