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Swanbourne Dairy is Ice Cream Alliance approvedSwanbourne Dairy is Soil Association approvedSwanbourne Dairy in Buckinghamshire

At Swanbourne Dairy, located in Buckinghamshire we lovingly churn small batches of real dairy ice cream. We also create wonderful non dairy sorbets and bespoke ice cream cakes for any occasion. Our products make the perfect gift for ice cream lovers (and who doesn’t love ice cream) so be sure to take a look at our gift sets.

Ice Cream – Flavours & Varieties


We provide a selection of refreshing non-dairy sorbets, which are available in fruity flavours and make the perfect treat for the whole family not just those who are dairy intolerant.

 Organic Raw Milk

The delicious flavour of Marriett’s organic unpasteurised milk is available now. For details call the Dairy and ask for Heini: 07542 759 617

The unprocessed Marriett’s Organic raw milk has a rich taste that leaves you wanting more! It is delicious on it’s own and makes your Pancakes, Yorkshire puddings and any other baking rise to new highs!

Raw milk is packed with nutrients, good bacteria and thanks to the organic farming methods, is naturally high in Omega 3.

Many people with dairy intolerance find easier to digest raw milk than shop bought processed milk because the milk has not been heat treated or homogenised.

Marriett’s raw Organic milk is not homogenised, which is very different to the milk you get from supermarkets. When you receive your bottle, you’ll notice that on the top of the bottle will be layer of cream and milk is underneath. You can use the cream layer separately for coffee or anything you fancy and then drink the milk as semi-skimmed/skimmed consistency. We give ours a little shake (with the lid closed) and there you are: Milk as nature intended! Delicious!

You can also freeze your milk to preserve freshness if buying in bulk. Just leave a little room for the milk to expand whilst in the freezer!

Marriett's Raw Milk

Marriett’s Ice Cream Trailer


We can attend your special day with our ice cream trailer, filled with our delicious ice creams in your chosen flavours. Call us and find out how we can make your special day that little bit extra special.

Ice Cream Cakes

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion? Our bespoke Ice Cream Cakes will be the cherry on top of your special day.

Ask us for more details and an individual quotation

Marrietts Ice cream cake

Personalised Ice Cream Gift Sets

All you need for an indulgent Ice Cream experience at home. Our gift sets are available for 1, 2 or 4 people.

If you have special requirements, reach out to us here.